Detoxing, Why to Detox From Dairy Products, Detox Symptoms

Many have reported that when their doctor sees their physical problems disappearing, rather than being interested in what caused their health to improve, they will say, “Whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it!”

If all of these changes sound good to you but you’re not sure where to start, I’d suggest checking out this recent Bustle guide to moving toward a plant-based diet, or heading over to Choose Veg, which provides more information, meal plans, and free live chat support to people looking to transition towards a plant-based diet.

Why Do I Feel Awful When I Stop Eating Meat?

In the last few years, dozens of professional athletes have gone vegan across multiple sports (mostly the NFL and NBA).

For me, I had zero side effects, even though I went vegan cold turkey in the middle of a semi-professional soccer season. However, I didn’t eat a lot of meat before, and when I did it was usually white meat like chicken breast.

Your gut bacteria consists of bacteria that specialize in breaking down certain foods. Bacteria that specialize in digesting meat die off when you stop eating meat. A Herxheimer reaction occurs when a large portion of bacteria die off at the same time. These dead bacteria release their endotoxins into your blood faster than you can process them, causing a strong inflammatory response.

Meat might be out of the question now, but that doesn’t mean your protein intake should suffer. You can ease the transition by substituting certain vegetables to get your daily protein from alternative sources. Here are a few foods that can replace meat in certain recipes:

The short answer is that you can be extremely healthy if you don’t eat meat, but you need to plan your diet.