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What Skin Issues Mean and How to Deal with Them Internally.

Skin manifestations–and really any manifestations–you might see during detox really only mean one thing: you’re detoxing at a faster rate than your liver is capable of handling. The body, in its infinite awesome-ness, will then use any and all available venues to detox the overflow of toxins and byproducts. This means you might get brain fog as the toxins get transported in the blood, gastrointestinal upset or urinary problems as your body tries to actively excrete the toxins, extremity swelling as the lymphatics gets loaded with byproducts, and, of note for our discussion, skin issues as the body tries to use its largest organ to help keep problematic compounds from actively wreaking havoc on important cellular structures.

I’m not actually suggesting that you do less for your health overall by slowing down your detoxing efforts. In fact, I think this is a signal that there are other things that need working on in the meantime. I believe the reason that so many of us have problems detoxing is that we’ve taken away certain toxin inputs but have failed to adequately replete our important cellular stores to make all our chemical processes work more efficiently. By this, I’m really talking about intaking a truly varied and nutrient dense diet.

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I like this combination of carrier oil, neem oil, and lemon essential oil for topical acne treatment. I’ve had repeated luck with shrinking big ‘ol honkers with this stuff without making the dermatologic faux pas of picking at them.

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Dealing with Skin Symptoms Topically.

If you’ve ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, pure aloe vera is my equivalent of Windex…I put it on pretty much every skin related problem! Pure aloe vera gel from the plant helps decrease itching and speeds heal any surface level damage you’ve created by itching your rash. If you don’t have the plant, I personally like buying this brand of aloe vera gel .

Why does this happen? As we live, toxins accumulate in our bodies. Some of these are due to our diet and others are due to the environment around us. Of course, our lifestyle also fits in - if you smoke or use alcohol you are accumulating even more toxins. When you make a change in diet or lifestyle, through stopping a bad habit or eating better, your cells begin to eliminate the toxic substances. Before finding the exit, however, the toxins are released into the bloodstream and are carried through the circulatory system. This transportation and elimination may result in headache, diarrhea, or constipation, and often toxins are eliminated through the skin, resulting in rashes or skin problems (especially if you are prone to such problems). You may also feel a lack of energy, especially if you are eliminating meats from your diet. (The protein found in meat is more stimulating than that found in vegetables.) You may also find that, with the absence of toxins, you absorb substances more easily. Thus, the sugar and caffeine in a soda might really set you off. In a nutshell, we could say that the body always goes for quality, and when the food coming in is of higher quality than the present tissue, the body will discard the present tissue because it wants to make room for tissue created by the higher-quality food.