Mercury Detoxification Protocol

Mercury poisoning is the result of being exposed to too much mercury, either through the diet or environment. Mercury is a heavy metal that is highly toxic to humans.

Leaky Gut Mast cell histamine release, which causes inflammation and a hypersensitive immune response to toxins, allergens, foods, supplements and detoxifiers, as well as synthetic heavy metal chelators. Nutritional deficiencies Poisoned, sluggish organs and glands Overgrowth of pathogens Cellular damage from the metals and pathogens, including brain and nerve cells.

Other causes.

A person can help prevent mercury poisoning by making changes to their diet and environment that limit exposure to the toxic metal.

Eating seafood that has been tainted with mercury is one of the most common ways humans accumulate mercury in their bodies. The mercury in seafood is a highly poisonous form of the metal called methylmercury, which forms when mercury dissolves into the water.

So, if you are heavy metal toxic, the most important thing to remember is that proper preparation of the body is essential to a safe, effective heavy metal detox program.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women may want to avoid or restrict their intake of fish and shellfish, as any mercury they contain can pass to the fetus or infant through the umbilical cord or breast milk.