How to detox after drinking too much -

Eat Breakfast.

Over-indulged? Hey, we’ve all been there. And an extra dessert here (there, and everywhere) or a big night out with friends once in a while is normal. In fact, many would argue it keeps you sane. If you’ve overdone it (also, normal) it’s easy to completely write things off. Don’t. Getting back on the wagon after a huge ‘do is really simple, and can take as little as 48 hours.

Gatorade, coconut water, and Pedialyte (the children’s drink and hardcore partier’s secret weapon) contain electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, that help your body hold onto the water it needs.

Alcohol Detox at Home | How to Detox from Alcohol Safely

• Consuming alcohol regularly on your own, or trying to hide your alcohol consumption from those around you.

The claims that oxygen relieves hangover symptoms are sketchy at best (remember oxygen bars?), though some people swear the connection is real. Hoof it in the fresh air and get your breathing going a little. More oxygen flowing through your veins can only help your liver with the monumental task of filtering the toxins from alcohol out of your blood. Plus, it’ll get you out of your stuffy apartment and it’ll feel good to be up and about.

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It's tempting to lay in bed and admit defeat the morning after a rough night. But the earlier you can fit in a brief workout-even if you're just walking to work-the better you'll feel. "Start moving by doing light cardio," says celebrity trainer and fitness guru Larysa DiDio. "It'll help move some of the extra fluid around." Because you may feel a bit tight and inflexible due to the bloat, DiDio says to start slow. "Then pick it up by doing some HIIT or interval training sessions," she suggests."The sprints will help you sweat and lose some extra water weight." And even though you may think: "I want to burn lots of calories!", don't go overboard. Your body is more or less in recovery mode, and will not thank you for going hard. "A nice long, easy cardio workout should get the fluids moving, and out of you-you don't want to build up lactic acid and more bloat," DiDio explains. Focus on a moderate-intensity maximum. "I think that jogging is the best way to beat bloat, because it's an overall body workout that gets you to sweat," DiDio says.

How you can get back on track after a boozy weekend.

• Suffering from withdrawal symptoms like sweating, nausea or insomnia as a result of not drinking alcohol.