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Arsenic is used in various ways; as a preservative in pressure-treated lumber and animal hides, in some glass manufacturing and in pesticides. It also occurs naturally in the environment and so finds its way into food, water and the air. Because arsenic has neither taste or smell it is difficult to detect and so people with high exposure may have no idea that they are falling victim to arsenic poisoning.

Long-term exposure to arsenic levels which are not considered toxic may result in a slow build-up of the toxin, until it results in arsenic poisoning. These longer-term effects can result in cancer, changes to the skin’s color or texture, dysfunction of sensory or motor nerves and disruption to kidney and liver function.

How To Get Rid Of Arsenic In Your Body?

People can be exposed to arsenic by inhaling it, by consuming contaminated foods, water, or beverages, or by skin contact. We are normally exposed to trace amounts of arsenic in the air and water, and in foods. People may be exposed to higher levels if they live near industrial areas that currently or formerly contained arsenic compounds. Areas with known high concentrations of arsenic in the drinking water are also associated with greater exposure.

Toxicologists use the terms dose, duration and route of exposure, meaning the amount of a substance taken in, the period of time the exposure lasts, and the way the substance enters the body. One way of being exposed to arsenic is by breathing it in as a dust. This primarily occurred in workplace settings where arsenic or products containing arsenic were used, and before new knowledge led to the development of modern worker safety measures.

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