Often, I had been sick with colds that would transform into more severe illnesses such as chronic bronchitis and chronic sinusitis…coughing so badly I was brought to my knees on several occasions, with pain in my chest that almost made me cry…mucus so thick in my lungs I almost couldn’t breathe. I can remember, during bouts of these illnesses, blowing my nose much longer than a reasonably normal noseblow.


I can remember reading to my children and having to stop and walk away. Again, I couldn’t breathe. The mucus was so thick in the back of my throat, if I didn’t expel some of it there would have been trouble. Yes, I was choking, and it felt as if someone had poured a cup of jello down my throat and wouldn’t let me breathe to swallow it.

What Common Symptoms Should You Expect During a Detox

You will think clearly.

Casein is a protein found in dairy, and has been linked to sinus pressure and mucus production. Eliminating dairy from your diet can stop your runny nose and congestion, therefore heightening your sense of smell.

Dairy detox? Did it happen to you? | Animals Australia

Perhaps one of the most cleansing fruits out there cucumbers. These are rich in water, potassium, and vitamin C all of which help to cleanse the body. Vitamin C also supports immune health and cucumbers’ alkaline nature also nourish the gut lining and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract which benefits the immune system further.

Eat only foods that are "clean" for the duration of your detox. This would include raw fruits and vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains. Lean poultry and fish are OK, but avoid red meat and pork when possible. The reason you should avoid these meats is that they have similar effects on the gastrointestinal tract and digestion as dairy products do.

We realized that my husband’s seasonal allergies in the spring and fall had abated. They were mild, at most. He had suffered for much of his adult life with stuffy nose, runny eyes, coughing, sneezing, etc. Without dairy, his allergies have been barely noticeable.