You’ll Need to Stick to It.

Vegetable-Based Protein Sources.


As I’ve already said, the 21-day detox program was developed by the Naturopathic Hagar Shefer to enable anyone to keep a healthy, balanced diet independently with an easy-to-use application that can be downloaded to any mobile device by the way, it comes in 7 languages and offers different menus for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans! >. Anyone interested in additional support, apart from the application, can join the program’s closed group or even join several sessions at Hagar's clinic in Israel (each of these options is for an additional fee).

2. Adding healthy habits to a life together – I've written once in the blog that since Daniel and I moved in together, I managed to get him to adopt a healthier diet, while he managed to make me lose mine a bit hello pizza deliveries >. Thanks to this detox, we learned where it's possible and worthwhile to reduce calorie consumption without taking away from the taste. Daniel, who is in charge in the kitchen for preparing homemade dressings and stir-fried dishes, knows now that one tablespoon of olive oil is enough to prepare tasty food which means I won't have to spy on him to see that he isn't exaggerating with the quantities of oil anymore … >.

If you're not eating, you're not learning. The 21 Day Detox Plan is a food based cleanse. This allows you to learn exactly what foods are healthy and revitalizing and ensures your good health.

Food Based.