Health – Whenever possible, try home remedies.

As many Japanese stray from their long tradition of using diet to promote good health, cure sicknesses and induce longevity, and adopt a more Western diet, more than a few Japanese have started using alternative ways of cleansing the body.

Wakame is an edible seaweed (bear with us), that has some amazing health benefits. This edible seaweed is a great source of magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, and many vitamins! Wakame is often incorporated into healthy salads (above photo).

Vinegar’s healing powers have been incorporated into a more recent Japanese detoxifying method. “Jueki shito,” foot patches commonly known as Sap Sheets, were invented in Japan and have been widely available for over a decade.

With police in Kofu last week found to have forced a Peruvian cyclist to sign a blank confession over a suspected stolen bike incident, the Community Page wants readers to send their in tales of encounters — good and bad — with Japan’s Boys in Blue. Send your experiences to:

All-natural Japanese Detox Patches To Cleanse A Body Full

Drink Matcha Tea.

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So, although Japan has been slow catching on to the detox “trend,” it’s with good reason — the nation’s been doing it for centuries.