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Some companies sell detox foot pads that contain ginger. Ginger may be useful for easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

We tend to identify the unfamiliar as ‘toxins’. The reality is the most toxic thing any of us will ingest this Christmas is likely to be alcohol, or smoke from cigarettes. ‘Detox’ by giving up these things, and by eating well and moderately, not by putting a band-aid on the problem, or your feet. All it will do is give you false reassurance and a lighter wallet. If you feel your diet is bad, address it now, don’t give up on it and wait for January to sort it out - make changes yourself or work out a plan with a dietician. If your feet are exuding brown ‘toxins’, wash them and consult a podiatrist. If you actually can detox through your feet - nay, through a small patch of your feet on the thickest part of the skin - well enough to remove dangerous levels of heavy metals from your whole body, come to me and I’ll write you up as a medical miracle and become famous. Exercise is often forgotten this time of year, but it is good for your heart and mind and can be completely free. Use your feet to walk on, not to detox.

Do Detox Foot Pads Work? — The Detox Specialist

That’s the problem. That’s why when someone sold my unwell friend a five hundred euro footbath to ‘detox’, I was less than impressed. In case you have not come across them, there are a range of foot products out there that promise to save you from the modern, polluted world and from dietary excesses. Some of these are pads and patches you are supposed to wear on your feet. They will turn impressively brown, and you are supposed to accept this as evidence of the toxins and go out and get another set. There are also foot baths which turn a scary shade of brown when you put your feet in the water and run an electric current through it. The water looks murky and rust-coloured, probably because that is, in fact, rust. Put iron into the water - as these have - make the water salty, and then run an electric current into it, and watch the water turn brown. Corral a handy secondary-school chemistry student and they can confirm this for you. Or if you know someone who has one of these detox foot baths, try putting a teaspoon of salt into the water and then running it without any feet in it.

Ridding Yourself of Toxins, or Money?

5 questions answered about detox foot pads

Detox foot patches: Want something more effective? Flush your leg down the toilet.

In this article, we discuss whether foot pads work. We also cover their possible benefits and side effects and list the best detox foot pads on the market.

I return to the box, enjoying its mystery. “Attach the side which printed with letters to adhesive paster. (The letters which on the foot patch should NEVER touch your skin.) Attach the foot patch with the paster on to your vola.” A mountain of gibberish, with many unclimbable facets. What is a vola? I can’t see any letters on the patches. I’m guessing this has all been wrung through an online translation engine until it resembles auto-poetry. The final step reads: “Next morning, tear down the bag and clear your.” That’s it. I find it oddly inspiring.