House gets the team together. The patient will be dead in mere days if they can't figure out what is wrong with his red blood cells. House tells them to ignore environmental causes because if it is one, he will get better just by being in the hospital. However, they can't narrow it down and House orders a battery of tests based on his team's suggestions.

House tells the team not to do the transplant. The patient has been losing weight and as the naphthalene has been stored in the patient's fat cells, when the patient lost weight from not eating hospital food, the naphthalene was released. The father finds House and strikes him. House tells the father the cat had the same symptoms as his son. He also tells him that the new liver would not be of any use for his son, since the operation would release more naphthalene into his bloodstream. They start feeding the patient to keep him from burning fat, while Foreman and Chase go look for the termites. They find a large nest in the walls around the patient's room.

Cameron gets a medical history from the patient's father regarding possible drug use. The patient denies doing drugs, but they still have to test his hair. However, he's negative for drugs. The father denies anything in his history could have caused a problem. Cameron suggests other possibilities: an infection, Lupus, cancer - the patient's mother died from pancreatic cancer. They do a biopsy on the patient, which shows it isn't cancer. All the tests show negative, while his hematocrit is still dropping. However, the patient is suddenly getting worse - he starts to lose vision in his left eye.

Foreman examines the eye - he has a clot in his retina. They can't treat him with blood thinners or do surgery because he would bleed to death. House asks how a bleeding patient can start having a blood clot. Wilson comes in with the team to keep House company during his Vicodin-free week. House says he isn't going through withdrawal, and urges them back to the case. The patient can't have an infection or cancer, which are usual causes of clots. House is distracted by a beautiful woman doing stretches inside his office. He orders his team to test the heart and intravenously treat for infections. He thinks the woman is a prostitute, but she’s just been hired by Wilson to give House a therapeutic massage. House starts feeling better immediately.


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House asks the patient’s father about why the patient said "Jules" during his hallucination. It turns out to be the family's cat, which died about a month ago. House wants to know how the cat died. The girlfriend says the cat was 15 years old so it was old age. House says the patient doesn't have Lupus. House has Foreman and Chase exhume the dead cat. House starts an autopsy on the corpse.

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