Lemon and cucumber both are great for your skin, consumption of this tasty infused water can provide you with a glowing and hydrated skin. The enzymes present in both of these veggies along with water will provide you with acne free, evened out and fresh looking face.

Ingredients : Two cucumbers, one lemon, a bottle full of water and some ice cubes. Add mint leaves for that extra freshness.

Recipe : Detox water is an essential part of a weight loss routine, if you are someone who is always concerned about losing those extra kilos then you should definitely try this detox water recipe:

It keeps your electrolytes balance checked and don’t let you feel drained out or tired. Drink it with a dash of sodium for that extra benefit. It maintains the balance of water in the body during summers.

Cucumber lemon detox water aids in weight loss and proportionality manages your overall body mass. Apart from quenching your thirst during hot days, it also can be a perfect drink to satiate your mid-meal cravings.

These ingredients are known to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Especially during summers, this detox water can come really handy! You can sip this detox drink throughout the day to feel re-energized.

It prevents water retention and also reduces oxidative stress. Lemon is filled with vitamin C, which makes for a good source of antioxidants. It fights with free radicals in the body and helps in maintaining a healthy heart.