Diät & Abnehmen: Auf diese Detox-Kur schwört …

Only one day to go and I'm wondering where all this extra energy I'm supposed to have is. I have been sleeping better, and my belt is no longer trying to kill me, but I'm nowhere near as serene and smug as I thought I'd be. And where are my Paltrow-esque long, lean limbs? I hopped back on the Lemon Water bandwagon this morning and was supposed to follow it with a Chia Seed Pudding for breakfast.

I didn't weigh myself before I started (from pure fear) but I can tell that I've lost a pound or two from the way my clothes are fitting. Drinking the encouraged extra water throughout the week also cleared up my skin a bit and I think the whites of my eyes look a little brighter too, or maybe I'm just imagining it.If this is the way Gwyneth Paltrow eats most of the time, it's no wonder her body fat ratio is in single digits and her cellulite is non-existent.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Favorite Detox Treatment


Alison: Voila! I woke up today feeling amazing. I couldn’t believe it, but I sprung right out of bed, drank a coffee, and got to work. I checked in with Kathleen—she also felt like death the night before, but said she was feeling amazing today…coincidence or detox magic? Anyway, for breakfast I had the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal again, which was great and tided me over until lunch. I had a salmon avocado roll for lunch, without soy sauce (womp). I was starving by the afternoon, so I had another apple and almond butter snack, which never fails to keep me satiated.

From vagina eggs to anti-vaxxers: is it time for an

GP: I'm completely devoted to my Goop skincare line, which I swear by. I use my Instant Facial every single day, and it's changed my skin. I haven't done lasers, fillers, Botox, or anything. Oh, and I always wear our mascara, which is amazing. It's our best seller. I don't think people realize that with regular mascara, they're putting petroleum combustion byproducts on their eyes, but Juice's natural mascara uses plant-based ingredients instead. (BTW, Paltrow is the Creative Director of Makeup for Juice Beauty.)

I'm a very bare-faced person in my normal life, but if I'm going out at night, I'll put on a bit of makeup-at minimum, mascara and blush. At a certain point in my life, my mom said to me, "Now that you're over 40, you have to wear lipstick." So I was like, okay. And you know what? She was right! So now I wear lipstick too. My mom and I get lost without mouths.

Gwyneth Paltrow, if you have not yet heard, is a person who is known for many things. Being a beautiful blonde actress is one of those things, just as " consciously uncoupling " from Chris Martin in 2014 is one of those things. She is so famous that simply by looking so amazing at the Academy Awards in 1999 entire Wikipedia page was dedicated in its honor . But, in recent years, she has perhaps become best known for her lifestyle website, called Goop .