15 wellbeing retreats and detox breaks – for better days


Amangiri – Canyon Point, Utah.

Mostly a women’s-only destination, this luxurious Southern California detox spa retreat takes its inspiration from Japan with serene gardens and wooden accents throughout the space. Detoxing is key with hikes, fitness classes and fresh, local cuisine to help you de-stress.

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Red Mountain Resort – Ivans, Utah.

Bring your pen, paper, and tape recorder. This health-oriented detox spa in West Palm Beach, Florida believes in healing the body through raw food and there are lots of lectures to make the case. Guests stay at least one week and up to three weeks, eating raw foods, taking spa treatments, meditating and exercising. This is about changing the way you eat, not a short-term cleanse. The Oasis Therapy Center offers colon hydrotherapy and a lot of different therapies aimed at detoxifying or rebalancing the body and mind.

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Yoga retreats are becoming a popular form of travel. People are often taking breaks from work and go on yoga retreats for their vacation to improve their wellbeing and health. If your idea of being in a state of perfect happiness is doing yoga on the beach or meditation on a hilltop overlooking a lake or ocean, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the United States offers plenty of places to do so.

Back to Nature.

You’ll get a customized wellness program from a nutritionist if you decide to visit this elegant spa destination North of San Diego. After just one week, you’ll undergo a number of spa treatments to help you relax you as you enjoy the well-kept European-style hideaway.