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An essential characteristic for everything we do at Dr. Blend. From the quality of our ingredients, sourced from local suppliers or for our exotic fruits, sourced from sustainable farming practices. Dr. Blend® juices are 100% vegetables and/or fruit, so no additives! Our Cold Pressed process uses the latest technics of H.P.P to ensure the highest quality of both taste and flavor along with vitamin retention. The quality of our product also extends to how we develop our recipes and balance our overall blend of juices and shots. Even our delivery service, combining speed of delivery, accuracy and a seamless ordering system is designed to give the consumer a quality experience. At Dr. Blend we consider quality, at every stage, as a way of life.

From an early age, Jamahl Schoonhoven our founder could see how time invested in understanding the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition impacted his life and also those around him. This shaped Jamahl’s direction and he has spent many years working in the natural nutrition industry. To see the positive difference quality detox products can make to people’s lives is a feeling you just can’t beat. Dr. Blend program enhances the body’s natural detoxification processes to develop and improve not only the health of our bodies but also improving our overall state of mind.

A leader in our field, we are Detox warriors; strong, determined, bold and courageous; and not afraid to say it. Years of hard work, innovation and living the Detox life gives us a deep routed faith in our product and our mission. Constantly learning, educating and expanding the awareness of the benefits of Detox. This gives us great confidence and faith in our product which we pass to you; with confidence:-)

It shouldn’t feel hard to detox, it should feel liberating; we want to convey the positive emotion that detox can bring.

Always wanted to try detox juice fasting? Or just do a quick-win detox juice fast? Then the 1-day DetoxBox is ideal for you! You can now easily try out the Dr. Blend juice cleanse.

The Dr. Blend 1-day juice fast includes all the juices you'd get during the 3-day detox cleanse. This allows you to easily decide whether several days of detoxing is something you're interested in. The box comes with a convenient manual. Should you have any other questions or comments, our customer service is available until 10pm. You can also check out our FAQ page for frequently asked questions from other customers and the answers. With our 1-day juice fast, we hope we can help you recognise and break through your everyday patterns. Good luck with your juice fast. Go get ‘em!

Dr. Blend is an enabler; brings balance, builds confidence, helps you to develop a non-addictive personality and habits, improves your determination, mindset and will power.

We are dynamic and innovative by nature; since 2014 constantly growing, learning and adapting our products and services. From our use of seasonal ingredients to maximize peak nutritional value to the balance of ingredients within each specific formula; we are constantly working to improve the effectivity of our detox box in tune with your bodys' needs. Dr. Blend is a living brand and a catalyst for life.