WOW TEA Cleanse Tee Set: Detox 21 Tage Tee

So I told the jackass. their policy has just lost them a customer forever. I will never play or buy another blizzard product again.

Hmm, this is a pretty interesting subject to me as someone who plays WoW and also has dealt with a substance abuse problem.

I still play from time to time but there are so many little things about the game that don't sit right with me with regards to gameplay/graphics/animations. I barely stay on for more than a few hours before canceling my account again. The constant re-creation of the talent trees and class roles really turns me off. It shows to me that they have no clear idea about what they want to do with the game. I also find that I don't really like most of the classes. There's nothing that 'fits' me. And then guilds want you to have certain specs for raids and blah blah blah blah blah blah.. I do really want to enjoy the game.. I just can't..

Mistweaver Monk Healing Macros and Addons - Shadowlands 9

This thread needs a trigger warning. Oh to be back in Zangarmarsh, fishing rod in hand, flying mount between my legs. no. No. I can't. Nay, I WON'T, go back.

WTF do they NEED photo ID for anyways? They never got a photo of me in the first place, what the hell are they going to compare it to?

WoW Detox addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021


Ah, yes. but like trying to quit caffeine. You'd start with just less WOW everyday, then maybe a lighter RPG, then perhaps an adventure game. That general idea of small steps. Then eventually, golf! posted by Askiba at 9:48 PM on June 19, 2009 [1 favorite]

thing is, this isnt anything new. this shit was going on with everquest or ultima or whatever. it's just that WoW is more mainstream and its getting this attention.