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How to do a digital detox.

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Take regular breaks.

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In the mornings, decide how long you want to wait before looking at your phone, or pick at least 3 other things to do before you start browsing social media. At night, it’s a good idea to stop looking at screens at least one hour before you go to bed. Try doing yoga, reading a book, writing, or chatting to a family member instead.

Set yourself a time limit.

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It’s important to take regular breaks from social media. If you take time to step away, you will enjoy your time online a lot more. Make a point to put your phone away every now and then and do something else, whether that’s going for a walk with a friend, reading or watching something, or doing an activity like yoga or running.

Many people try portray a perfect picture of their lives online. Filters allow us to change an image so that it will look “better” to other people, and often people choose to show happy moments, making it look like their life is great all the time. This version of their lives does not reflect reality, because they are choosing to leave out the times when things are not so great, and a lot of the moments they do show might be staged.

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