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As soon as you know you have a marijuana lab test, cease using weed. As you wake, take a 500 mg tablet of niacin. Drink two glasses of water. 6 hours later, take another 500 mg. You want to separate your doses in time to avoid liver toxicity. Take a vitamin b 12 pills and a 2-gram dose of creatine monohydrate. Go take your urine drug test. This will not help you pass a saliva test. It is for urine tests only. How fast can niacin clean your system? How long does it last? Expect it to work after one hour and for up to 5 hours. Niacin is available at any department store or pharmacy near me and you. If you try this method, let us know your results and side effects.

This is particularly concerning in an era of advanced technology where unreliable medical information is readily available on Internet. This is supported by various studies and systemic reviews done in the recent years. Quality is a major issue in consumer health information available on World Wide Web as found in a systemic review [3]. Another study estimated that more than half of the patients use Internet for advice on health issues without discussing it with their physicians [4]. This behaviour has been found more prevalent in younger adults.

It's quite common for people who use the niacin flush method to be worried that niacin will be detected in their urine and that a suspicious sample might be rejected, trigger further tests or reported as adulterated.

The Right & Effective Way of Taking Niacin for Detoxing

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If you’re experiencing niacin flush, or are concerned about it as a possible side effect of these supplements, tell your healthcare provider. They can help you figure out how to reduce the chances of flush or discuss alternative treatments.

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Dilution might seem like a good choice, but it can change the color and the overall composition of your urine, which looks suspicious in drug tests. You will need to take extra precautions to help you cheat the test. You should take B vitamins to give your urine a natural yellow color to pass the visual control. You should also take creatine before the test to pass the sample adulteration check.

What Niacin Is.

How long does it take for niacin to clear your system? Regular niacin stays in your system for 2 to 4 hours. Niaspan is in your system up to 12 hours and extended-release niacin is in your system all day.