Urban Dictionary: detox to retox

“We started to think about the way that Old Fashioneds have been looked at in New York over the past few years – the way that they’re built, the way that temperature is controlled and how dilution happens in them,” O’Neill. From there, a new drink was created. Think: a spirit-forward tiki drink.

Listen to soft music with a slow beat. Fast loud music dulls the taste senses which means you drink more.

I rationalise all this counterbalancing behaviour by telling myself that while I know it’s not particularly healthy to stay out drinking all night, surely my morning-after tonic of choice these days – a Hemsley+Hemsley “Pink Liver Cleanse” smoothie – is better for me than the can of full-fat Coke and bacon butty I used to call a hangover cure?

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Detox-retox: are you yo-yoing between healthy and hedonism?

“I have several clients who practise yoga and mindfulness religiously several times a week but then binge at the weekends on cigarettes, alcohol and/or substances. It’s a punishment thing, a replication of extreme yo-yo dieting, and it’s out of balance.”

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In our modern world, it’s likely that you suffer from some sort of hormonal imbalance, with characteristic signs such as burnout, anxiety, insomnia, and weight gain.

“If a client says to me, ‘I eat really healthily and I practise every single morning and night,’ I would ask: ‘What are you trying to protect yourself from? What is your secret addiction?’ because they are trying to either cover it up or ignore it.

Jonathan Leary : Dr. Leary is a concierge wellness doctor (the first and only!) turned entrepreneur and the creator of Remedy Place, a new type of health club that is launching in LA, combining hospitality, experience and balance to health regimens. Y7 : Co-founder and CEO, Sara Levey, and top trainer Joanna Cohen bring sweat drippin’ and beat bumpin’ to yoga. Barry’s Bootcamp: The original cardio & strength interval workout, Barry’s Bootcamps are immersive, high energy and the fastest, most fun way to get fit. Bec Donlan : Creator of Sweat with Bec, Bec Donlan caters to the health-conscious, party-goer who loves a celery juice just as much as a tequila soda. Ely Peñas : Creator of Stand Up Paddlebord (SUP) Pilates, a fusion of Pilates and yoga on a stand-up paddle board, Ely’s classes combine a perfect combination of core strengthening, stretching and mind body balance.