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Not everyone who undertakes a detox diet will experience this symptom. However, as your body is able to expel toxins through the skin (via sweating etc), a diet that increases the toxin load through the pores may lead to breakouts. These might be particularly evident if you are continuing with strenuous exercise during the detox (which is not always recommended).

What is a Detox Diet?

But you will need to keep the outcome of the diet clear in your mind. If you are going to clean your house, you need to pull all the rubbish out first so you can get rid of it. Detoxing your body is a similar process. In order to achieve the benefits to your general wellbeing that a detox diet is intended to deliver, you need to pull all the toxins out of your organs and tissue so you can get rid of them. And doing that as adverse, though short-lived, consequences.

Are Skin Breakouts During Detox Normal? Heres What You

It’s the same for the skin. If there’s something the skin doesn’t like, it’ll try to get rid of it by flushing out all the ‘bad’ stuff, in the form of spots.

Skin purges and breakouts are two things that look similar, but are caused by completely different things – meaning that it’s worth knowing the difference so you can make sure you fix it in the best way.

Horrible breakout with liver detox! - Diet & holistic

However, these diets can leave you feeling lethargic and drained of energy. This is primarily because the diet is stimulating your body to work extremely hard to rid itself of stuff it doesn’t need and can’t otherwise process. That effort in itself can be exhausting, regardless of nutrient load.

‘A breakout can be the result of poor diet or a product that is too rich,’ Andy explains. Breakouts can also be hormonal (oh hey, PMS pimples)

Some detox diets can leave you feeling hungry. For example, a juice cleanse, where the diet is nutrient-rich, however volumes are reduced, can lead to irritability.