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Signs and Symptoms of Abuse.

Being able to identify the signs of substance abuse is key to preventing addiction from occurring. The symptoms of abuse can either be physical or psychological in nature. Also, symptoms may vary based on the type of drug being abused. Nonetheless, if you notice a loved one displaying two or more of the following symptoms, it is best to pay closer attention to their activities.

Neglecting work and family obligations Neglecting personal hygiene Wild mood swings, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and violence Decrease in pleasure in everyday life Complication of mental illness Hallucinations and confusion Desire to engage in risky behaviour Heart rate irregularities, heart attack Kidney and liver damage Seizures, stroke, brain damage Respiratory problems Abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea Changes in appetite, body temperature and sleeping patterns.

Drug Addiction | Legacy Healing Center

In a private drug rehab , your addiction and overall health will first be evaluated. The report from the evaluation will then be used to tailor a medical detoxification for drugs and rehabilitation to best care for all aspects of your addiction.

Trying to detox at home can be very dangerous. This is because the withdrawal symptoms that occur during detox are often unpredictable and can be overwhelming. So, it is best to have your entire detox and withdrawal process managed by a clinical medical team.

Treating Drug Addiction.

At Primrose Lodge in Surrey, we specialise in addiction detox and therapeutic rehabilitation treatment for the following drugs.

Drug Addiction: Signs and Symptoms – Withdrawal and Detox.