Benefits of detox, how to detox

1. Detoxification Cleansing.

With love, Alejandro Junger, MD.

Why Detox? The Importance of Medical Detox in Recovery

Why You Should Cleanse and Detox Your Body.

Detoxifying your body will not just help with physical health, you’ll also enjoy better sleep and concentration levels. How do you cleanse and detox your body?

Why Detox? - Shedding Light on Detoxification

2. Eat Real Foods.

With this in mind, if you live in a modern city and want to stay healthy, there are two fundamental practices to follow: detoxification cleansing and eating real foods, just as nature intended food to be.

The human body is a self-healing, self-renewing, self-cleansing organism. When the right conditions are created, vibrant well-being is its natural state. We have departed from the ways of nature and live under less than natural conditions. Like global warming, the toxicity of our planet is undeniable. I call it “Another Inconvenient Truth.” The air we breathe, the water we drink and shower with, the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use and the buildings we live and work in, are loaded with toxic chemicals that alone or in combination cause disease, suffering and even death. When we remove these obstacles and add what is lacking, our bodies bounce back into health as if by magic. This is natural, common-sense medicine, enabling the body to heal, regenerate and even rejuvenate itself.