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These days, the focus is on fitness – team sports, CrossFit, yoga and cycling are popular, as is TRX training, a muscle- building system that uses your own body weight as the resistance element.

Our healthfulness retreat on the beach in St Lucia takes place in a private sea view villa in Soufriere. Soufriere town is rich in history and was once the first capital during French colonial rule and it shows. All the famous sights and treasures are situated here (The Pitons, Diamond Falls, Botanical gardens etc). You’ll also see original colourful creole style wooden houses in some of the streets and old estate houses that have mainly been renovated to boutique hotels.

What do detox holidays really mean for you and your health? To put it bluntly, your body is under attack from toxins day and night. Happily our bodies are generally good at filtering out the bad stuff before it gets to us. However, if you are exposed to higher than average toxins, perhaps because you live in the city where there are more pollutants, or have a highly stressful lifestyle, or have been partying a little too hard, you ought to give your body some support by ‘detoxing’. Simply put, a detox gives your body a real boost in its tireless campaign to keep you healthy. If you are feeling sluggish, irritable, and unable to focus, or if you are experiencing headaches, bloating, or skin breakouts, and just generally feel grotty, your body is trying to tell you something. It is a wake up call to get help before the body becomes so overwhelmed by trying to unload its toxins that you become run down or ill. A detox holiday benefits you by boosting your immune system and improving your overall wellbeing. It is like giving your body an MOT so that it can run more smoothly. You will emerge with a greater awareness of your body, and with the nutritional tools to keep it in good condition for years to come. We have chosen some exceptional detox retreats for you to consider, from introductory programmes to juice fasting.

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As sustainable, eco-tourism is important to us, we will stay in camps and family run hotels. We will also eat at Bedouin camps and cooperate with the local community.

A Mayr-approved diet is devised and there is a full run of gym sessions, spa treatments and outdoor exercise to keep you busy and help keep those pesky wrinkles at bay. They really have thought of everything and even the building is organic, with an eco-friendly untreated wooden structure.

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Would you like to safely shed a few extra pounds, or find some more energy in your daily routine? Or perhaps simply boost your mood on those dreaded Monday mornings? Our nutrition, detox and weight management holidays can do all of this while you enjoy a holiday in the sun!

6. Cornwall.

Increases energy levels by cutting out foods that are complex to digest, maintaining a more constant, healthy blood sugar level. This will also reduce cravings, reduce hunger pangs and eventually reduce tiredness. Increases general feelings of wellbeing and vitality Boosts the immune system, resulting in less colds, flus and illness Improves digestion and particularly helps alleviate symptoms of heartburn, constipation and gas Improves skin quality Encourages weight loss Helps to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle.