Detox Tea Recipe | Morning routine to cleanse your body

Have a Daily Detoxifying Tea.

5 detox teas to purify and detoxify the body.

Garlic Tea – The benefits of garlic are widely known, but when you drink it as a tea it is definitely going to work to help cleanse the body, because of its specific vitamins. It also contains sulfur which helps your body detoxify itself. This tea is an acquired taste, but it is totally worth it.

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Wormwood Tea – Here is an detoxing herb that helps the bile out of the liver, and out of the body. This is helpful because if you have too much toxic build up it can sometimes stagnate within the body unless acted upon by another force. In this case wormwood has a purging effect, and the bile is whisked from the liver and down through the body. This is a detoxing tea that you can drink daily to make sure that you are producing enough bile, and that it is finding its way through your system.

2. Detoxifying herbal tea with fennel that helps deflate the belly.

Dandelion Tea – Many gardeners view dandelions as the enemy. But they’ve been shown to be very purifying for the body. It raises levels of an enzyme in the body known for its detoxifying functions. These have been known to help the body get rid of carcinogens, or cancer-causing toxins in the body. Good reason to make this one of your daily rituals. Most people find that the taste is also pleasant.

Among the most effective plants to purify the liver we find the artichoke and milk thistle, with these two plants you can thus prepare a truly effective herbal tea that combines the purifying properties of the artichoke with the protective properties of milk thistle. In this way you will get an effective mix to free your body of excess toxins. To make this herbal tea mix 30 grams of artichoke leaves and 30 grams of milk thistle, to be bought in herbal medicine shops, boil 250 ml of water and pour one and two teaspoons of mixture. Cover and leave to infuse for 10 minutes: strain and drink this herbal tea morning and evening. If it turns out to be too bitter, you can add some honey.