Unbelievable Ways to Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Most people's phones tag along with them all day long. Think about it: Are you ever anywhere without it? To get some personal space—and give your mind and soul a chance to detox—set a time at night when your phone goes into airplane-mode and stays there. With your phone put away on the charger in a separate room, you have the chance to enjoy the people in your life—or simply being by yourself—without any distractions.

How long has it been since you read an actual book? If your answer is "quite a while," you're not alone. One way to declutter your mind and soul is to start fueling yourself with things that benefit your mental health opposed to distractions that don't. Not only has reading been found to give your brain a boost and reduce stress, but it also makes you feel good overall.

Day Seven.

One of the biggest time-wasters of the day? Endlessly scrolling through social media. Not only does it take time away from other, more fulfilling things you could be doing—as well as the people around you—but it's also really great at cluttering your mind. A 2017 survey found it was the worst social media network for mental health and overall wellbeing, making the participants feel anxious and depressed. So log off and find something that makes you feel full—not constantly empty.

Day Three.

Below, Minich explains Whole Detox and outlines some simple principles that you can apply (i.e. start small, put on a bright piece of clothing) any time you’re looking to make a positive change.

So 2019 was quite a year, huh!? Good, bad or otherwise, chances are you probably need a little bit of down time—and a chance to do some detoxing—before you jump into 2020 with both feet. Us too. which is why we went hunting for everything you might need to help you banish the bad 2019 energy from your life, and welcome in the good, new, fresh 2020 vibes that are dancing their way through the cosmos.

Contrast therapy is a technique sometimes used to aid in recovery that involves alternating between hot and cold water.