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Total Tea Gentle Detox is a great choice for an evening-time tea to improve your sleep and detox your gastrointestinal system.

Additional weight loss supplements like garcinia cambogia may be useful too. The combination of green and black (or green and oolong) teas is particularly useful because black tea can provide some additional caffeine to work alongside the active compounds in green tea to increase fat burning ( 3 ).

Laxatives like senna are great if you are looking to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract, but if constipation or digestive problems aren’t the reason you’re taking detox tea, go for Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea. Its all-natural approach does not include any laxatives, making it easy on your stomach.

The drawback to making your own detox tea is that you don’t have access to some of the more exotic or arcane ingredients that you’ll find in commercial products, but you do get direct control over the ingredients, so if you are looking for a simple detox tea, making your own might be preferable to commercial blends.


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Hopefully these changes will make it easier to transition to a routine that’s better for long-term health even after you come off your detox tea.

Our researchers looked into what it takes to detox your body, and where you can get the best detox tea on the market.