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Summary The current data on serrapeptase lacks in terms of efficacy, tolerability, and long-term safety.

7. Treats Bones and Joint Pain/Infections.

Blood Clots Finally, because serrapeptase thins blood, and has been used to treat blood clots, it absolutely must NOT be taken with anything else that thins blood. That includes not only medicines such as aspirin but also other supplements such as fish oil, garlic, turmeric, etc.

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From something that cannot be reversed, good old Serrapeptase has done the trick. Many thanks for all your advice and encouragement. Best Regards, Harold.

‘One of my patients used Blockbuster for deep vein thrombosis.’ I’m Sheila Balmer, a practitioner. I have used Serrapeptase/Nattokinase myself for a varicose vein and over several months it has cleared up. On of the my patients used Blockbuster for deep vein thrombosis which has cleared and he found that his Diabetic retinopathy also cleared up and he’s convinced it is the Blockbuster as he has not taken anything else. He is not on a maintenance dose and has been taking the product for a year. Sheila Balmer, Practitioner.

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For this reason, dietary supplements containing serrapeptase should be enteric-coated, which prevents them from being dissolved in the stomach and allows for release in the intestine.

Supplements Given that serrapeptase is made from an enzyme found in bacteria in a silkworm’s digestive system, there’s a certain irony here. It won’t do you much good if you take it orally and it has no coating… That’s because your own stomach will break it down before it can be absorbed by your intestines! To prevent this, be sure that any serrapeptase supplement you take is enteric-coated . Follow directions and do not exceed the stated dose.

6. May Help Treat Neurological Disorders (Including Alzheimer’s)