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You will need 3 Herbalife Nutrition products to complete this challenge (We provide high-quality, science-based products that deliver the nutrients your body needs to thrive on a daily basis).

The 10 Day Herbalife Belly Buster Challenge.

The 10 Day Herbalife Belly Buster Challenge | Belly

Herbalife Fibrebond : THE FAT BLOCKER – Fibrebond grabs up to 25% of unwanted fat and passes it through the digestive system instead of your body absorbing it. This supplement is excellent for those “just in case” moments, especially during Holidays. Diets with low fibre are usually slow in food passage, leading to high absorption of fat. Fibrebond can help to speed up the food passage in the digestive system, reducing the absorption of fat. Its high content of fibre can also keep you feeling fuller longer, reducing your snacking desire.

Herbalife Florafibre : NATURAL BELLY BUSTER – Florafibre contains friendly bacteria “Lactobacillus acidophilus” that replenish your intestinal tract which has been weakened by taking chemical antibiotic. These beneficial bacteria, also known as “friendly flora” contributes to the bulk of bowel movements as well as assist in extracting various nutrients from the food eaten. Florafibre also contributes to your daily intake of fibre.

The 10 Day Herbalife Belly Buster Challenge | Belly

HOW TO JOIN: 1. Fill out the form below to be connected with your Personal Wellness Coach 2. Purchase your Glow Lean Products ($212.00) and register for the Online Challenge via trybooking ($20). You will be directed to the booking page as form is submitted below. * Glow Lean experience is a total of $222 which includes your products, challenge entry (which goes into the prize pool), Personal Coaching, private Facebook support group, interactive healthy active lifestyle education, not to mention your goals you will be able to tick off throughout the process!

Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Mix : A balance of Soy Protein, Carbohydrates, Key Vitamins & Minerals, and Fibre, to help nourish your body as part of a weight-management or healthy nutrition program. Approximately 220 calories in each serving when prepared with semi-skimmed milk, to help you control your calorie intake. High Protein diets can help with building lean body mass giving you more shape and can contribute to an increased metabolic rate.