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They have three flavours of detox teas: “ Detox “, “ Blue Detox ” and “ BB Detox “.

This is the second tea I tried and I don’t know if this has something to do with the name (who wants to drink something BLUE. ), but I really did not like this tea at all . The main ingredient that this tea is supposed to taste like is pineapple. However, it does not taste like pineapple. Or maybe a little bit, but there is another flavour that is a lot more prominent. I think it has some kind of vanilla-ish flavour to it, and I could not even bring myself to finish my cup. It’s not even the pineapple I don’t like, it’s just this other flavour that I find horrible. It tastes a bit like a mixture between pineapple and vanilla, but it’s not really vanilla. I don’t know. Either way, I won’t be drinking this tea again.

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Tea Review . . . Kusmi Detox.

usmi BB Detox Tea has an intoxicating scent. I would wear it if I could. Sweet, not biting or acidic, the grapefruit main flavor draws anyone in the room closer to ask what you're drinking. Seriously. The husband walked through the living room and stopped short to ask where that aroma was coming from. The taste of the tea is light, not bitter like many teas can be. It's perfect plain and it's a sin to add anything more to it!

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I thought I would do a review on a new tea I tried recently. Since my trip to Ireland is fast approaching, like less than a month, I am especially worried about my excess weight. I’ve been trying for a year to lose weight without much success. I came across some Kusmi Detox tea that they must have sent to me in an order. I liked it, it had a nice fresh taste to it. I am not sure it is detoxing me but I definitely feel like its a clean refreshing drink. I have only tried it hot, but I bet it would be great iced.

And that's the idea. This beauty beverage works because it encourages hydration to a higher level than you would normally do. It's amazing iced or hot and it's just the kind of thing I would recommend to my clients in the evenings when they usually snack. The grapefruit also works in your favor since vitamin C is great for the skin.

When a product contains the claim 'detox' I'm incredibly skeptical. Detoxes are kind of frivolous to your body physiology and mostly a big market buzzword. Your body has personalized detox going on each and every day (kidneys, liver and more) and if you're doing what you should with your diet, you don't need it. But I get it- some people feel like they need a jumpstart and that's okay. Kusmi is supporting keeping your body hydrated, especially with an antioxidant rich tea, is truly a detox aid. ecause the flavor and scent are so lovely, it helps those who just have a hard time wanting to drink water. That's something I can get behind.