Benefits Of Detoxing - 10 Reasons To Give A Detox A try

There you have it, your guide to removing new carpet odour at home! In case you are still being bothered by some nasty odour coming from your new carpet, why don’t you let the professional carpet cleaners from Fantastic Services eliminate it for you? The skilled and reliable specialists will clean your carpet on-site and leave your home with a fresh scent and a sparkling floor.

New Carpet Smell: What is it? Is it harmful? And how to get rid of it.

How to detox your home: Testing is the only way to know if your home has elevated radon levels. You can buy a test kit at most hardware stores (they're inexpensive and easy to perform), or if you're buying or selling a home, it may be worth the extra cost to hire a pro. If necessary, radon-reduction systems can then bring the amount of radon down to a safe level.

Toxic Carpets: Carpet Installers Speak Out As Medical

To add to the previous point, there are other steps you can take to remove the contaminants from your home. Turn on ceiling fans, active your central air conditioners fan (most have a fan-only mode), and any other big fans you may have to get the air moving. This works best with the doors and windows open, but even if you can’t open up your home, the circulating air will help diminish the VOCs.

Once you’ve figured out how to reduce the VOCs in your carpet, check out our unbiased carpet buying guide to learn how to get the best deal and the best carpet for your home If you want to go with another floor, check out our flooring options page for a comparison and the best fit for your home Looking for a carpet installer? You can click here to get a free estimate from pre-qualified installers in your area. (I get a small commission to support the site if you do this, but I really think it’s a great service)

Detox a Carpet That Gives Off Formaldehyde - HOME DETOXING

New Carpet Smell.

Is New Carpet Toxic to Install?

Use this Environmental Working Group guide to help you find a healthier alternative to toxic carpets and flooring. The healthier choice can be more expensive, but those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), asthma, respiratory problems, and environmental illnesses, as well as those with young children, may find it necessary. Don’t forget to vacuum and change furnace filters often, and to quickly dry carpet if it gets wet.