Here’s What You Should Eat Right After a Juice Cleanse.

If you're reading this after a big gathering, you might be feeling uncomfortable, like you need to unbutton your pants or find a bed stat because of the impending food coma. Now what?

"If you've overeaten and now you're really feeling it, I think the best thing to do is to get a digestive enzyme and take it. That feels really good," Foroutan suggests. "The other thing you can do is get aromatic bitters, and that can be like Swedish bitters—there are so many different kinds." If you've ended up at a bar for an after-dinner drink, Foroutan says you can ask for bitters in a club soda or glass of water, which can help with an upset stomach.

Part 5: What to eat right after you are done with the detox diet.

In order to truly reap the health benefits of a juice cleanse, look to the accompanying slideshow to help you on your quest to trade your straw in for a knife and fork. Without further ado, Here’s What You Should Eat Right After a Juice Cleanse .

The First Breakfast.

Your next meal can be a little bit more substantial than your breakfast. We suggest introducing antioxidant-rich, healthy fat-dense dark chocolate in smoothie form (try this delicious Chocolate Cherry Kale Smoothie recipe ) along with dark leafy greens and some more fruit. Your body has already had one very light solid meal, and following that up with a semi-liquid smoothie packed with alkalizing foods will help your digestive system continue its transition into the world of solid food without being overwhelmed.

Green tea.