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You can find the whole range of Dr Stuarts teas here – link . I’ve heard really great things about the Skin Purify range, as well as the Tranquility bags, which I think will be next on the list for me to try.

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Then it hits you, right at the back of your throat – the bitterest thing you have ever tasted . And it doesn’t go away! Oh, no. It’s the gift that keeps giving. Even if you hold your nose, you can’t get rid of that flavour.

Given my taste for beauty and health elixirs (from green juice to actual elixirs), it doesn’t surprise me that I’m a hound for the pretty boxes of detox teas that occupy sacred grocery store territory. I try to be rational about my obsessions, though, so I wanted to investigate: Are detox teas merely good branding, or do they actually offer health benefits?

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With that disclaimer out of the way, this is the most shocking tea we’ve ever tried, bar none. We believe it’s the centuary herb that does it. Apparently, this ‘fibrous and woody’ plant is a bitter herb traditionally used to treat flatulence and anorexia (as it stimulates appetite). The smell is inoffensive enough, which lulls you into a false sense of confidence as you take your first sip.

Dr stuarts detox tea reviews.

I love food, and I’m a self obsessed snacker too which when combined is a nightmare for trying to shed a few unwanted pounds I seem to have gathered up over the winter. My problem can be attributed to boredom eating, as well as working in an office, where people often bring in naughty treats and wave them under my nose. I have zero will power, I know.