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Many people who try juice-only cleanses say they feel better after doing it. But that probably has more to do with what they’re not putting into their bodies than any concoction of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice.

Curious what a detox diet looks like? The Beyoncé-popularized “Lemonade Diet” promises digestive detoxification — and rapid weight loss — through the power of about 12 daily glasses of lemon juice and water mixed with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Some intermittent fasting fans tout similar rewards by limiting their eating to a 4-hour window each day. And then there’s the coffee enema colon cleanse. Yes, coffee enema.

It can also lead to an unhealthy fixation with food avoidance and weight watching. “Instead of focusing on weight loss or what foods to avoid, we should be focusing on nourishing our bodies with whole, natural foods,” Burke adds. “And listen more closely to our body’s signals for hunger and fullness.”

Coffee Enemas & Weight Loss | Plus Incredible Healing Benefits

If you really want to fast, though, Dr. Sahota says the most important toxins to avoid are drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. “Drinking is a major toxin for the liver,” she says. “The best thing you can do for your system is to not drink at all.”

At the program is obligatory daily morning enema, and the afternoon coffee enema. During the program, you will learn how to correctly perform enemas, and how it is performed and how to prepare a coffee enema.

During the coffee enema, the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed in hemorrhoidal vein that surrounds the colon and through it is transferred directly to the liver. Hemorrhoidal vein serves as an elimination of toxins and impurities from our blood stream and it is part of the portal venous system. Over hemorrhoidal vein in the liver is not coming only caffeine, but also cafestol, kahveol and pottassium which stimulate the liver to produce bile acids. A caffeine stimulates peristaltic muscles on stronger contractions, improving the elimination of waste products from the intestines.

Losing that stubborn extra weight takes decision and will — the kind of decision and will that is akin to a spiritual practice, a way of turning to your sacred body and saying, "I envision a healthier future self, and I am going to do what it takes."