Look And Feel 10 Pounds Lighter With A Best Selling Colon

Some colon cleanser systems work on a progressive model. The dosage level of each ingredient is slowly ramped up over several days. Others are more aggressive, triggering a definite response within a few hours of the first dose. This is an important consideration if you plan to be near a bathroom during the entire treatment or else maintain a regular schedule with more frequent bathroom breaks.

What we like: Boosts energy levels. Very effective on stomach bloat, with minimal cramping reported. Dosage is only two capsules per day.

Colon cleanse systems are designed to detoxify the digestive tract and help restore a healthy waste elimination cycle. They are not intended to be high-powered laxatives or stool softeners. Some users may experience unpleasant side effects, such as sudden bowel movements, explosive diarrhea, painful abdominal cramping, or nausea. Because natural fluid levels are affected by more frequent bowel movements, dehydration is also possible.

One selling point of certain colon cleanse systems is a shorter course of treatment. What may take some brands weeks to accomplish can take only days with a fast-acting formula. Some people may find the idea of an intense five-day intestinal purge more appealing than a 14-day regimen, but others may prefer a less aggressive approach, even if it takes longer.

Colon Cleanse - Easy DIY Recipe For Colon Detox

What we like: Safe to use with other medication regimens. Very gentle on the entire digestive system. Exceptionally affordable price point.

If you're interested in trying an occasional colon cleanse, read our helpful buying guide. At the top of our list is the Dr. Tobias 14-Day Quick Colon Cleanse, a fast-acting formula that encourages a deeper cleansing of the colon with minimal side effects.

Basic herbal supplements with colon cleansing properties can be found on store shelves for as little as $7 to $15, but complete colon cleansing systems with additional herbal and probiotic ingredients cost between $14 and $39. The most comprehensive colon detoxification programs, often combined with other therapies, can cost $100 or more.