For this reason, juices should never sit more than a couple hours. You can’t make up a huge batch of green juice and drink it throughout the day or over a couple days, unlike green smoothies.

The reason I explain the story is 1/ it firstly provides immense credibility to Tim and his experiences with fasting. And 2/ it exposes that even a man who suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for 5 years, wasn’t prescribed a water fast by a world renowned Russian expert.

While these positives are magnificent for general well-being and living your life, the positive side effect I’m hoping for MOST won’t be evident for another few months.

5 day Juice Cleanse + 5 Juicy Recipes - Ask Dr. Ho

Listening to popular podcasts from well regarded figures, such as Tim Ferriss and David Asprey, my interest levels slowly progressed.

I was lucky enough to get most of my produce at a local fruit and vegetable market so I was able to get lots of organic produce inexpensively. However, not everyone has access a discount organic produce market.

What To Expect On A 5-Day Juice Cleanse | Organic Facts

Fiber also plays a role in weight loss and managing blood sugar, so green smoothies have a significant advantage over juices in this respect.

For one, your stomach shrinks significantly during the 5 days. It’s not the same mutated beast it once was. You now have a clean fuel tank ready for consumption.

While I do definitely eat well, drink little alcohol, and keep active with cycling (and a little gym), clearly I has a truckload of toxins in my body.