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Even though beans are high in protein, it is the special type of carbohydrates in beans that cause these effects. This is really interesting. You would never think beans would help you break your sugar addiction, but studies show that people who ate beans at one meal, were able to lessen their glycemic reaction at second meal. This means that if you had a bean burrito at dinner, not only would you have better glycemic control after that meal but, if you decided to have fruit or bread with breakfast the next morning, it would prevent that big sugar rush you would typically get from the bread. This happens because the good bacteria that proliferate in our gut as a result of eating beans produces a certain chemical that slows the rate in which food leaves our stomach and intestines. So those beans are still doing their work at your second meal and even the days that follow if you eat beans regularly, preventing that insulin spike associated with further cravings and fat storage. Eat steel-cut oats and coarsely ground whole-grain breads.

I also encourage people to eat dessert every day, but only after dinner. Have fruit with your lunch and then a fruit-sweetened dessert or frozen fruit dessert after dinner. When you eat something sweet after dinner, it satisfies sweet cravings and acts as the psychological mark to the end of eating for the rest of the day. You clean the kitchen, clean your teeth and get away from food for the rest of the night. But it is the type of sweets you’re having that matters. Swap out your usual recipes for cakes, cookies, pies and ice cream, and try healthier alternatives, like my healthy chocolate cake and apple crunch pie recipes.

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This can be as dangerous as addiction to alcohol or drugs and what makes this a big problem is so many people are eating unhealthfully and oblivious to the risks.The overuse of sweets also weakens the taste buds, so the subtle flavor of naturally sweet fruits lose their flavor.

This includes all beans, including lentils and chickpeas. I recommend people eat at least half a cup of beans every day. Make a big soup on the weekend with plenty of beans, make bean burgers and bean chili and stews, and add beans to desserts. We put beans in almost everything because they are so powerful at preventing heart disease and cancer and extending life span. And, since you eat all these greens, legumes and seeds and nuts, you effortlessly eat less of everything else. More vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, less processed foods and animal products.