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There may be times when you feel unwell, but fasting in a held, supported environment makes it much easier to ride the ups and downs that may be part of your process.

We are here to support you through your detox process, staying on site with you, and available 24-7. We check in with each person daily, to give explanation and emotional support whenever it is needed.

Based on our unique breadth and depth of experience we offer you an experiential nutrition and detox fasting education programme.

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Then there will be times of quiet energy, mental clarity and a profound sense of ease. However, for some people fasting can be a challenge, whether on juice, or only water.

The upsides are what makes it worthwhile and are why many people come back regularly, regarding their detox like an MOT . Many returnees, having fasting on juice several times, return yet again, and engage in pure water fasting, as means of deepening their healing and invigorating their health still further.

8 Day Reset and Detoxify Your Body Fasting Retreat with

“It is actually really uncommon to feel hungry during your detox retreat”

We have guided thousands of people over the last 25 years to safely detox while water fasting or juice fasting. We hold a supportive environment with an experienced team.

This is a genuine detox retreat (not a spa or bootcamp!), offering you understanding about your relationship to food, each other, and your life's choices.