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A study in the Journal of Cancer Research found that the flavonoid fisetin may slow down prostate cancer progression. Cucumbers are a source of this flavonoid. And strawberries contain high levels so blending them in increases the benefit.

Cucumbers are also low in carbohydrates and high in antioxidants. And they contain essential nutrients and vitamins such as:

What are the benefits of cucumber water?

I've tried several flavors already this summer, from melon to berries to pineapple, both with and without herbs. But my favorite combo so far is this Cucumber Water with Mint and -- depending on my mood -- sometimes lime. It was actually inspired by a recent anniversary trip that my husband I took.

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I still think I prefer my minty Cucumber Water without lime for a cleaner taste, but I've been alternating both ways and everyone has been happy.

Other low carb cucumber recipes.

It was just water poured into a jug of mint and cucumber slices that was allowed to sit so the flavor of both the mint and cucumber infused into the water. And it was really delicious without any added sugar or sweetener!