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Peter McVerry Trust currently offers Drug Free Aftercare Accommodation services at four locations in Dublin. This accommodation is ring-fenced for those who have completed medical detox treatment programmes.

Our drug treatment services operate on a harm reduction model in keeping with our ethos and values.

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It is our mission at The Lantern Center for Recovery to provide sober living to alcoholic or chemically dependent men. We are a fully self-supporting, non-profit organization. The ability to pay is secondary. The Lantern relies on donations and community support to assure that no one will be turned away due to financial issues. The primary goal of The Lantern is to help men recover from these addictions and to continue to provide a support system to our residents and their families. We also want our residents to carry on the tradition of a clean and sober life by lighting the path for the next “new guy.”

'We are delighted to make this small contribution to the extraordinary work and vital service provided by the Lantern Residential Community Detox Service and fully support the aim of the service to equip residents with the skills needed to remain drug free on completion of the programme,' said Fr. David Halpin, chairman of the Two Coats programme.

Residential Stabilisation Service.

The accommodation offers residents a stable and healthy environment and supports participants in preparing for a drug-free life.

A donation of $240 per month (payable monthly/quarterly/annually) provides $2,880 per year to help an alcoholic/chemically dependent who otherwise could not afford the treatment program. Our 240 Heroes are recognized at an annual banquet at the Lantern Center for Recovery. Your name will also be inscribed on a special 240 Heroes plaque with your first name/last initial (anonymity!) prominently displayed in our facility, or you can make it in “Memory of” a loved one.