Do Weight Loss Teas Work? No, and Theyre Dangerous.

Does Detox Tea Work? Facts and Myths, Dangers and Benefits

The whole point of detox tea is to, quite literally, detox your body. People believe that drinking detox tea everyday will flush all the toxins out of their body, help them get rid of bloat, and even shed a few pounds in the process. But the thing is, much like juice cleanses, detox teas are kind of pointless and won't actually detox your body.

Some detox teas are marketed with more specific health claims, with formulations that are supposed to be ideal for weight loss or improved liver health.

There's not enough evidence showing they're safe.

Additionally, if you’re not eating anything and only drinking detox teas, or are using detox teas for the soul purpose of weight loss (i.e., not losing weight and getting healthier) , you may need to consider your relationship with food. As a healthier measure, Ardolino recommends speaking with a registered dietitian to learn how to incorporate some health-promoting behaviors into your life.

Some of the other serious side effects of laxative use include fatigue, rectal bleeding, dizziness (often associated with dehydration), and weakness. That's why doctors recommend laxatives should only be used to treat constipation now and then, and not every day.

In one high-profile case in 2014, investigators found the antidepressant drug fluoxetine (Prozac) inside a Japanese detox tea called Toxin Discharged Tea . This drug can cause serious and life-threatening side effects, especially when it’s taken with other medications.