Cucumber Detox Water: Hmm So Does It Actually WORK?

Brace yourselves for the benefits of this health elixir Not only does infusion add a pleasant flavour to your regular glass of water, but it can truly be a blessing in disguise for your health—thanks to the magical way it hydrates the body. Don’t believe me? Check out the health benefits of detox water revealed by Dr. Aithal:

3. It promotes a more alkaline environment in the body Lie! Another report from the PubMed Central database clearly states that it is impossible to change the pH of the body through what you consume.

Therefore, making it a rule to avoid these foods can give you all the benefits of a detox without overly restricting your diet or demanding that you fast for several hours (or days). Drinking infused water is a wonderful option if you are looking for a way to add more H 2 O to your diet. However, as the sole vehicle to weight loss, detox water just won't cut it.

Lemon Water Detox: Does It Work, Are There Side Effects

If you’re looking at an energy boost, improved digestion, and an excellent way of shedding those pounds, detox water is the way to go! However, don’t believe all those other myths.

So what is with the latest hype about infused or so-called detox water? Does it really do anything “magical”? Infused or detox water is created by having added natural ingredients that are supposed to boost the health value of the water itself. While there are a variety of types, it typically is infused with flavors of vegetables or fruits, as well as with herbs. As it only contains the flavors, the water contains minimal if any additional calories. It is believed that this detox water will rid your body of toxins, improve digestive health, improve mood and complexion, aid in weight loss and boost your energy.

Does Detox Water Work? A Look At The Research

From replacing meals with smoothies to drinking only juices all day—there’s nothing we haven’t tried to give the body that extra push to flush out the toxins after days of overeating during the festive/the party season.

4. It improves complexion Oh, come on! The hydration from the detox water can only improve your skin’s texture. But complexion? No chance.

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's unlikely that you haven't heard about one of the latest diet crazes: detoxing. It's been big on the health and fitness scene for years now. Recently, a new detox epidemic is sweeping weight loss circles. It's called detox water. What is detox water? you ask. It's the process of enriching cold water with essential vitamins and nutrients by infusing it with fruit, vegetables, and herbs.