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Also, I just read in the book, How Not to Die that eating citrus may help improve circulation. They did a study in women with blood circulation issues, and the ones who ate fresh citrus had a significant increase in body temperature regulation. As someone who has suffered from hypothyroidism, that is a big symptom that is bothersome. Citrus water helps me!

Can you eat the fruit that you use to infuse water?

Did you know that many people don’t drink nearly enough water every day? The general guideline is 64 oz a day, however this is completely dependent on your muscle mass, weight, height, activity level, etc. The rule of thumb I personally follow is to check the urine color. If it’s a light lemonade color, you’re good to go. If it’s completely clear, you’re drinking too much. And if it’s dark, DRINK UP! And use these infused water recipes, of course!

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What is infused water?

I like citrus fruits in infused water. But you can use berries, cucumbers, melon, or whatever you prefer.

Citrus Detox Water — My Diary of Us

It's almost Friday! We have officially almost made it through the first full week back to normal life after the holidays. And I have officially almost made it through one full week of detoxing my body and trying to recoup some of the damage that I did over the month of December. I am sharing with you one of my most favorite ways to flush the bad stuff from your body when it needs it most! Citrus detox water will have your body feeling refreshed and more than likely a little bit lighter in no time!

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Create less waste. Infused water is a great way to use fruit or easy to infuse vegetables that are beginning to reach their expiration date. Slice fruits and herbs to release their juices. This is especially important with herbs. A simple rub and breaking of the skin is essential in releasing their medicinal properties. Make it in bulk and store in a large fruit infused water pitcher, in addition to a daily water bottle. That way the whole family can enjoy.