Bikini Body Detox Review - Danette Mays 3 Day Cleanse Work?

I Tried The Bikini Cleanse and It Worked, But Read This

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“Detox teas containing senna leaf should be used with caution. You will get extreme diarrhea, severe stomach cramping and may become dehydrated. It can be used to relieve constipation. It is not a good idea to use it too frequently. If you decide to drink it, stay home that day and make sure you replenish your electrolytes!”

Now, would I recommend this cleanse? Yes and no. Yes, if you’re looking for quick weight loss or if you’re one of those people that likes to kickstart diets with an extreme measure. No, if you don’t like feeling dependent on a toilet for a few hours every morning. In the BikiniPassport, it says to cancel all of your work and social appointments scheduled around food, but I think it should also recommend that you block out a few hours every morning to spend with your toilet. (By the way, my toilet and I are very close friends now after this experience.) That warning would have been greatly appreciated, but I guess it should be assumed that a quick cleanse might involve toilet time if you want results.

Choose one breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack each day – mix up your choices to get a range of nutrients. Have 300ml of skimmed milk a day on top of your meals – don’t skip it as studies show low-fat dairy products eaten as part of a lower-calorie diet speed up weight loss. They especially burn fat from around the waistline, probably because of the calcium they contain. Skip booze (it’s only for a week) – there’s a reason it’s called a beer belly or wine waist!

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How to detox: Your complete detox diet plan

1. Select a wholefood diet supplying fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, wholegrains and lean protein sources. 2. Drink water, juices, smoothies and herbal teas. 3. Take supporting supplements such as probiotics, antioxidants, milk thistle and globe artichoke.

Post detox.

Hopefully, you will feel so revived you won’t rush back into your old eating habits. Make a conscious effort to continue these clean- eating principles. By all means, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, just don’t overdo it. A good rule to live by is 80/20: 80 per cent wholefood, 20 per cent indulgence. Dust off that bikini and hit the beach this year as a healthy, cleansed, lighter you.