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In addition, aloe taken regularly eliminates the toxins that are circulating in our bloodstream and provides us with the 9 essential amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, histidine, tryptophan, lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine and valine). Essential amino acids are those that our body can not produce, so it is very important to provide them through food.

METHOD OF USE: · Shake well before use · To prepare a serving, mix about 3 caps (½ fl. Oz.) With ½ cup (4 fl oz.) Of water · To prepare 1 quart, mix ½ cup (4 fl. Oz.) Concentrate with 1 quart of water.

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Formula AM to Renew: A morning tablet formulated with milk thistle, traditionally used to support liver functions. Formula PM to Restore: A nighttime tablet formulated with dandelion, traditionally used for healthy balance of fluids.

Simply Probiotic by Herbalife.

​ This delicious beverage can be drink as part of your daily diet. The concentrate helps to eliminate toxic substances accumulated in the organism due to bad digestion and favors a better function of our cells, tissue and organs.

Simply Probiotic is a daily consumption probiotic that provides one billion active probiotic cultures that promote digestive health. It is formulated with GanedenBC30® *, a proprietary probiotic strain that can survive the gastric pathway to where it's needed to help you feel better every day.

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