Heavy Metals Detox Side Effects: What to Expect During a

Why People Feel Good.

1) The Weight Comes Back with Vengeance- Good news first- you probably will lose weight on a Juice Cleanse, simply because the daily caloric intake will be so much lower than your accustomed. But like most fad diets, the weight you will lose on these Juice Cleanse diets will predominantly be water and not fat loss. After a prolonged amount of time, you will start breaking down muscle stores as well, leaving you with a higher fat : lean tissue ratio then when you started. The result of that is that you’re metabolism will begin to slow due to reduced muscle mass, so the minute you start eating the way you previously had, you will gain all your weight back plus more. Probably not what you had in mind.

6) I’d Rather Spent my Money on Shoes- I mean, wouldn’t you? Most regimes are priced around the $100 a day mark, which is not exactly eating on a budget if you ask me. A pair of shoes per day or a case of kale juices? You know the answer to that.

Your Body is Not “Dirty”

Our bodies are miraculous creatures of their own. They have been “detoxifying” themselves since the beginning of time, and there’s no reason why our generation would suddenly be in need of intervention like juice cleanse diets. I’ve done a lot of digging, and I haven’t found any solid scientific studies to suggest that your body needs to be cleansed, and that any product or regime on the market is a good means to do it. That’s because your liver removes waste from the bloodstream and transfers it to the kidneys for the disposal in the urine, while your large intestine reabsorbs water and minerals and passes out the waste. You can watch this process happen every day, just take a look in the toilet! If you’re not seeing enough “evidence”, the problem is likely that you’re just not getting enough fibre and water rather than some sign you need a strict liquid regime. Just try adding lots of additional whole fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes to your diet, and getting in few extra cups of liquid and you’ll be good to go (heh- I made a bathroom pun.)

What Symptoms to Expect From a Detox | How Long Do Detox

4) You Get Stuck in the Restrict-Binge-Repeat Cycle- Like most restrictive diets, a lot of people find that the second they “cheat” and eat something that’s not on these juice cleanse diets, they throw in the towel and binge on everything and anything they see. This is actually a fairly good coping mechanism that you shouldn’t feel guilty about. If you restrict yourself of something your body and mind both need (ie. calories and the comfort of eating), you start to get a little obsessive about food. You think about your next juice, or when you’re going to be “off” the cleanse, and dream about cakes, milkshakes and poutine. With that kind of stimulation, it’s nearly impossible not to have a massive binge the second you get your hands on something more appealing than sweet water. Unfortunately, this sets us up for the restrict- binge cycle, which wreaks havoc on our metabolisms and relationships with food.

The Not So Sexy Side-Effects of JUICE CLEANSE DIETS.

Let’s not forget that the diet industry, including those that create juice cleans diets and products, is a marketing powerhouse. They make millions every year telling you that your body is full of toxins, and that their products are the route to all health. And while yes, fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low fat dairy and lean proteins have marketing boards too, the benefits of these food groups are well documented in research. With cleanses, they’re living off sexy advertisements, celebrity endorsements and claims alone. Next time you read a glowing testimonial of a juice cleanse diet, just take a minute to think about whose interest is being served and if a marketing board is behind the campaign.