Alkaline Cleanse: Complete Quick-Start Guide to Cleansing

My taste buds were craving something heartier at this point, so that night, I threw a bunch of ingredients for a veggie stew from Dr. Gioffre's recipe in my Crockpot, then went to sleep.


"If you want to do it, it's certainly not going to harm you; it's probably going to be healthful," Fernstrom said. "It's a win-win, but not for the reasons people think. This is one case where the diet plan makes no biological sense but is still good for you."

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The cleanse isn’t required to last for seven days; that’s an average. If I decide I want to stop after three or four, I’ll stop. And if I start losing a lot of weight—my biggest concern—I’ll curtail the cleanse at that point.

But the way I see it, there’s not much risk in giving it a whirl. If you look at a chart of the acid and alkaline foods, you’ll see that the alkaline foods and neutral foods are pretty much what we know to be good anyway—vegetables (the greener the better), certain seeds, nuts and grains, and some fruits. And the bad stuff is what most vegetarians and vegans agree is unhealthy—meats, dairy, sugars. (There does seem to be some variation across different charts, another red flag.)

The Alkalising Detox Diet -

This Is What Happens When You Try to Eat Like Gisele.

As for getting a taste (literally) of what it's like to eat like Gisele, I have to say I respect her all the more now, but also feel like her buzzy diet is easier than I imagined. Assuming her personal chef is more skilled at whipping up delicious alkaline food-filled meals than I am (wild guess), I can certainly see the appeal. Whether or not you believe that eating more alkaline foods actually affects your body's pH, you can't deny the benefits that come from swapping a red meat, processed sugar, and gluten-heavy diet for fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, and legumes.

The specifics of the cleanse are pretty simple: Drink at least four liters of fluid per day, mostly water with lemon or lime, plus six to twelve glasses of freshly-juiced green vegetables. Raw, liquid soups made from pureed green vegetables plus a few tablespoons of oil are allowed too, as are occasional carrot and beet juice. Depending on how much running I do over the next week, I may allow fruit juices in moderation as well.