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Great store that I've ordered from x3…

Cons: - Although they stock a wide variety, there are some things that they don't stock such as black pepper. I once ordered turmeric and ginger from here but had to source black pepper from somewhere else to make my blended capsules. There are a couple of other things like this as well, even for some simple popular products - The Wishlist - This is impossible to find and one that the website needs to fix asap if you, like me, like to store a wishlist of potential future purchases or even for things that aren't in stock at that particular time. Even when you click on to your account you cannot access your Wishlist because it isn't visible or anywhere to be found. The ONLY way to access this is to like a product / add to Wishlist, then it will allow you to view your Wishlist. That is, unless, you're lucky enough to come across a particular powder again that you may have already liked and added to your wishlist. In the age of the internet, a potential customer will just go on to another website.

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Great store that I've ordered from x3 times now. The costs are pretty comparable for things I've purchased here.

Detox Trading Reviews -

Pros: - A wide variety of powders, oils and general health products - Taken the time for descriptive information on each product, including some videos - Have paid for the organic soil association stamp for a number of their products, and detail how theirs differ from the competition (IE; no maltodextrin or fillers) which is good for the customer.