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It should be noted that this product is not advertised as a drug detoxer by Wellgenix or Covert Labs, who are the seller and manufacturer respectively. We could not find any specific information regarding returns although if you purchase from another supplier or website, you may be able to avail of a refund policy. You can still contact Wellgenix by phone on 800-868-6122 or by email at [email protected] . Again, we do not know what policies they might have regarding returns but they do offer a means of contact.

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It should be safe for most people to use this Strip NC Natural Cleanser albeit there are some exceptions. This product is a supplement and should not be taken if under the age of 18, ill, pregnant or in the process of taking other prescription and OTC drugs. You should consult a physician before taking a supplement such as this product.

The second reviewer became nauseous and puked, then the test came back diluted. So, not for someone with a weak stomach.

Does Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Really Work?