Water Detox Diet: Cleanse Your Body Only Drinking Water

How to Do the Three Day Master Cleanse | Healthfully

Ultimately, I ended up experiencing significant fasting benefits from my 3 day fast. But there was one thing I wish I did differently.

… and his fourth water fast…

Note: My wife likes food too much to do a water fast, be she’s committed to doing a smoothie fast with me whenever I water fast. That might be an option for you if the idea of water fasting is a bit daunting!

How (and Why) to Survive a 3 Day Water Fast

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You should always take the medications that are prescribed by medical professionals in order to stay healthy.


Most people do a 3 day fast where they have some diluted fruit and vegetable juices, in combination with lemon water spiced with cayenne pepper for an enhanced cleansing effect.

By the evening, I was experiencing ups and downs. At times, I was feeling quite weak and had a terrible headache. Other times I had a surge of energy and was feeling quite elated.