This was attributed to her undergoing a "Master Cleanse" - an extreme diet which has been knocking around since the 1940s.

"I like to eat and that's a problem in this industry," she said of the pressure to be thin for music and movies alike.

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I could feel a dull sense of hunger but didn't have an overwhelming urge to eat (or drink the concoction for that matter).

The internationally acclaimed singer also happens to have an amazing figure despite having had children.

Her successful weight loss led to the diet becoming increasingly popular, even becoming known as Beyonce's Lemonade Diet.

Just prior to this I stepped on the scales to see my weight - I'd lost another two pounds - which brought my weight loss to a total of 10 pounds in three days.

Beyonce's pre-Coachella diet cut out all carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, and fish. The star's dieting history has included veganism and the Master Cleanse.