3 Easy Detox Water Recipes To Fight Bloating & Flatten

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Infused Water Benefits.

Homemade fruit flavored water is easy to make, contains no artificial sweeteners or flavoring, and it makes the best natural water flavoring and best healthy water flavoring you can drink. Any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs immersed in water is what makes infused water. Infused water is also referred to as fruit water, fruit flavored water and detox water .

What is Infused Water.

Hydration is vital to overall health, yet drinking 8 glasses of water daily can be a challenge for some. Adding a little flavor and a little pop of color by drinking fruit infused water will help you get those daily 6-8 glasses of water consumed more easily to help you stay hydrated.

How to Drink More Water.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant: When the stomach senses that it is full, it sends signals to the brain to stop eating. Water also takes up prime real estate in the stomach, giving the feeling of fullness and thus reducing the feeling of hunger. Often times when we feel hungry, we’re really just thirsty. Dinking a glass of water before reaching for something to snack on can help reduce food intake. Water Helps Remove Waste from the Body: Water stimulates the kidneys to filter waste and toxins from our bodies. When we get dehydrated, our kidneys retain fluid. the body is dehydrated, the kidneys retain fluid. When waste and toxins build up in our system, we may feel tire and bloated, which may add a few inches to our waist. Water Burns Fat : Water is essential for the body to properly metabolize stored fat. The process of metabolizing fat is called lipolysis. Lipolysis is the body’s natural process of metabolizing fat by breaking down fatty acids quicker and uses them for energy. (1) Drinking Water Replaces High Calorie Liquid Intake : Drinking soda, sports drinks, alcoholic beverages, juices and sweetened coffee and tea can quickly add calories to your daily calorie intake.